Group Fitness Unleashed

BarkFit specializes in creating unique fitness experiences that encourage dog owners to find the fun and joy in working out with their best friend and biggest cheerleader. Each class offers a different style of exercise intended to offer a physical challenge and a mental boost—from stress-busting yoga classes to high-energy bootcamps. Your dog gets to be a part of the action with exercises designed for them and for you to do with them.

Go Beyond the Daily Walk

BarkFit classes provide your dog with something new and more exciting than the same old trek around the block. They’ll gain confidence learning new exercises and build comfort with new people and situations… all while spending time with their favorite person!

Unwind Together

Regular movement is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. So is time with your dog. BarkFit offers a simple way to combine the sense of unconditional love and support you get from your pet with the proven benefits of exercise.

Connect with Your Community

How many of us have struck up a conversation with a neighbor because of our dog? Or enjoyed chatting with a fellow pet parent at the dog park? BarkFit harnesses our dog’s natural abilities for fostering connections and starting conversations to create a relaxed atmosphere for social interaction and building new friendships.

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